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Haley Adams is now Owner of Castro Tattoo

3991 17th st. San Francisco CA 94114


Celebrating 10 years of Tattooing!!

In September 2006 I was finally a professional tattoo artist. Now I can proudly say I have been tattooing 10 years. I will continue to strive to learn and grow for many years to come. :D - Haley


Haley Adams Tattoos on YELP

[Dave A.]

Dave A.
San Francisco, CA

5 friends
16 reviews

[5.0 star rating]

Haley is truly phenomenal in every sense of the word -- she took my design and replicated it on my calf, rendering it even better on my skin than I could on a computer. 

From the initial consultation, to the appointment itself, through the after care, Haley was not only a truly consummate professional, but incredibly fun and engaging as well. Her ability to manipulate inks into an amazing color palette is truly second-to-none, and her keen eye for aesthetics and design is unparalleled. 

I was a bit nervous about getting my first tattoo (especially one with color as such a primary focus), but she truly knocked it out of the park (and fast!). If I ever decide to go under the needle again, I won't hesitate to come back to Haley!


Zack D.
Novato, CA

4 friends
1 review

[5.0 star rating]

Haley is a phenomenal artist in every facet, and I would recommend anyone to get tattooed by her. She works well with ideas that you bring to her, and brings her own insight to the conceptual phase of a tattoo without being pushy, or having an air of "I am the artist, so I know what's best" (as many tattoo artists do). In the actual deed of tattooing, she is meticulous and methodical, which is something that you desperately what from someone who is leaving a permanent picture on you.
As an artist, myself, I will often pic apart tattoos that I've gotten, and say to myself  "I would have done ____ differently," or "I would have changed ____" if I was the one doing the tattoo; with Haley's peices I wouldn't change a thing-- you can tell that she put her absolute all into your session. Her linework is great, her color is stunning, her spacial conception and placement is on point, and she is a sweetheart and fun to work with to top it off. If you want a head-turning tattoo, go to Haley Adams; but you do not need me to tell you, just look through her portfolio.
I will continue to work with her until I run out of unmarked skin.




Conor W.
Nashville, TN

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[5.0 star rating]

Haley has done all of my tattoos except little one. They've progressively been creeping up my arm for about two years now. My tattoos are all weird, to say the least, but she enjoys doing them and does an amazing job! I recently moved across the country and don't trust anyone but her to do my ink. Now have to wait till my next trip back home to the bay for my next tattoo. For what it's worth, she is the best around, honestly. Super comfortable easy to chat with. Really don't have enough good things to say about her. Haley is da bomb!!!!! Oh, if you read this and you do get a tattoo by her, please say something like this while she's  tattooing, "oh could we do this in a different color?" Tell her it was from me, Conor. She hates that xD

The shop is clean and all that good stuff, everyone is super friendly and will talk with you. Honestly if you want a custom tattoo thats gonna come out amazing, go to her. I always get compliments on mine and lots of people ask where I got them done. Since I moved away I've had people ask almost daily where I had them done and they get disappointed when i tell them she's in SF....

Just look up her portfolio, that'll speak for itself!



Nikita M.
Franklin, TN

6 friends
4 reviews

[5.0 star rating]

Haley's pretty amazing. She did my knuckles a couple years back. Solid work. I always enjoy hanging out with her and talking about this and that.




Ryan K.
Litchfield Park, AZ

9 friends
3 reviews

[5.0 star rating]

Excellent artist. She did a portrait for me on my chest of my daughter. Turned out great! Highly recommended. thanks Haley!





Stephanie P.
Glendale, AZ

0 friends
2 reviews

[5.0 star rating]

Haley Adams is amazing! Her artistic style, creativity and talent make her a great tattoo artist. She's done a number of mine and my husband's pieces, each one better than the last!





Dena B.
Phoenix, AZ

25 friends
6 reviews

[5.0 star rating]

My girl Haley is awesome. She did my tarot sleeve a couple years ago and it's just so great working with someone who loves what they do. Everything she does is an exciting new challenge that she puts her all into.  Amazing work!!!






Nick S.
London, United Kingdom

0 friends
7 reviews

[5.0 star rating]

I came over on holiday from London, UK and had been discussing with Haley about getting my Linsay Lohan tattoo. As I met her I realised it was actually the first tattoo I'd had at a shop (several friends work grace my skin, mainly wording). Haley was great, the design was unbelievable and sitting for what was nearly 8 hours straight was easy. Well, as easy as that can be! The tattoo ended up looking absolutely amazing, so perfect with what I wanted, and the sitting was great. Amazing job, professional, priced really well and lovely to hang out with her for such an intense session! I'm already planning my other leg for the 2016 return trip! Can't 






Kim A.
Vallejo, CA

8 friends
7 reviews

[5.0 star rating]

Haley is as good as it gets! Professional & a perfectionist. She has a wonderful eye and shares her opinions (but doesn't force them on you). Her goal is to exceed your expectations and give you the tattoo YOU want...and she did! A five hour job (priced fairly for a quality tattoo) and she was quite observant of how I was feeling the whole time...she could tell when I needed a break. It was nice to have someone just as proud of the finished product in the end as I was myself to wear it. I'll definitely be back!





Jeffs D.
Fremont, CA

0 friends
7 reviews

[5.0 star rating]

Best tattoo experience I've had! Super creative too!



[Aizakku R.]

Aizakku R.
Tempe, AZ

0 friends
1 review

[5.0 star rating]

Haley is the best, she has done a majority of the tattoos I have! Trust is key when looking for an artist, and I can always trust Haley with making my skin art badass and worth every penny!

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[Cody S.]

Cody S.
Poplar Bluff, MO

0 friends
1 review

[5.0 star rating]

Haley Adams did my first Tattoo and it's been nothing but a pleasure to have her Tattoo on me since,She's a young and very gifted Artist I wouldn't have any issues referencing anyone to,from simple work to on the spot creativity she has it all down.




18th Annual NYC Tattoo Convention | June 12-14

I will be tattooing at the 18th Annual NYC Tattoo Convention | June 12-14

for more info email me at

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